Grown to perfection

with all natural flavors

Tamara Dates are harvested carefully from the desert oasis, basked with the golden sunlight, and packed by a professional manufacturer with 20 years of Dates manufacturing and packaging experience. Relying on excellent resources and continuous development, the brand offers wide varieties of dates from wide range of farms in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, and North Africa. Tamara Dates is dedicated to serve all markets with its high standard and premium quality products to satisfy you in every bite.

100% Natural

No preservatives, artificial colors, or any additions.

Fiber Source

Good source, with more than 15% of daily value.

Fat Free

Zero fat and zero cholesterol 

High Quality 

Quality control following HACCP and ISO standards

Enjoy Every Bite

Tamara Dates are very delicious and nutritious with many health benefits to help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Top 9 benefits of Tamara Dates.

A hidden treasure loaded with many nutrients

Dates have a number of surprising benefits. These sweet fruits have been cultivated for thousands of years. While Dates are considered to be in the super-food category, its benefits are varied and many.

Choose From Wide Range

There are thousands of named date varieties. They fall into two main categories, soft and dry, and are most readily available from fall through winter.











Dates in Attractive Packages

Modern attractive package makes Tamara Dates unique

Stand-up Pouch

Carton Pack

Gift Pack

Vacuum Tray

Stuffed Dates

Vacuum Bag

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